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Other Activities by The GSC Bank Ltd.

Self Help Groups / Sakhi Mandal

Agricultural Advances Economic backward class people of the society who could not approach bank individually for their different financial needs. They formed the groups of members and linkage with the bank. The group collects the saving of members and keep deposit with the bank. The DCCBs provide their financial needs. In addition to that, this three tier Co-Operative structure implements the State Govt. ‘Sakhi Mandal’ programs for economic / social backward class women.

DCCBs & Urban Banks

Agricultural Advances The DCCBs have to maintain Statutory Liquidity Reserve (SLR) @ 25% of their Time & Demand Liabilities (DTL) as per B.R. Act, 1949. The deposits of DCCBs with this bank are considered as their SLR investment.

Khedut Shibir

The Apex Bank and the DCCBs jointly organize the Khedut Shibirs to guide farmers and members of PACS regarding the new crops, new farming techniques, their problems of farming and investment credit for their farming.