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Chairman’s Message

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Message from The Chairman's desk

Dear Friends,

The cooperative sector has been playing distinct and significant role in the process of socio-economic development of the country.

Therefore, cooperatives have been accepted as the best agency for agricultural credit with their organizational potential to reach millions of farmers and thereby establish the grass-root contacts.

Cooperatives are a major economic force in developed countries and a powerful business model in developing ones.

Shri Ajaybhai H. Patel

A three tier system of rural credit consisting of Apex Bank at State-level, Central Cooperative Banks at the district-level (DCCBs) and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACSs) + Milk Societies at village level is in vogue to meet the short- term and medium-term credit requirements of agriculture and rural economy.

GSC Bank is not only an Apex Bank for the State of Gujarat, but a premier Co-operative Bank and has initiated many fold steps for strengthening Cooperative Credit Structure & Cooperative Banking Sector in the entire country. The present era of ever evolving Technology, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization has given rise to new challenges. To face these challenges all the Cooperative Banks have to find ways and means for improving the quality of their products and services. Today GSC Bank offers all the digital banking services using latest technologies.

GSC Bank realizes the importance of Technology in banking hence it has set up a Technology Umbrella under which smaller cooperative banks can also offer latest technological services to their customers at an affordable cost. GSC Bank’s Technology Umbrella is a unique & proven model & is considered as a path breaking & role model for the cooperative banking sector in the country. By being a part of this initiative smaller cooperative banks can offer multiple digital banking services to their customers without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure.

GSC Bank has also provided mobile vans to all district cooperative banks so as to help them spread the message of our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s mission of financial literacy / inclusion.

Cyber Security & prevention of Cyber Fraud is the biggest challenge for all the cooperative banks. We are committed to regularly adopting the latest technology to provide safe & secure banking not only to our esteemed customers but also to all the District cooperative Banks. With support from NABARD we have implemented new technologies to be up to date & be in compliance with all the latest requirements of cyber security & fraud prevention.

Our unique initiatives such as online webinar trainings, effective use of social media etc. are helping spread awareness on financial inclusion, welfare schemes of the Government, cyber safety, fraud & risk management and latest developments not only to cooperative banks in Gujarat but till the end users at grass root levels.

GSC Bank aims to promote a sound, strong and vibrant cooperative credit structure in Gujarat for upliftment of the small and marginal farmers and rural masses and become an active & a leading partner in the progress of the state and contribute to its economic and social development.

GSC Bank’s vision is truly in line with the Ministry of Cooperation’s vision of “COOPERATION TO PROSPERITY” or “SAHAKAR SE SAMRIDDHI” which involves strengthening of cooperative movement, expanding its reach up to the grassroots and promotion of cooperative-based economic development.

Our vision is to be the best Cooperative Bank in the country through able leadership, innovative and affordable banking products, use of latest technology, great team work and implementation of best practices.

Let us all strive in taking GSC Bank “TO GREATER HEIGHTS”.