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The Gujarat State Co-operative Bank LTD.

We are pleased to inform that RuPay Debit Cards can now be used for online transactions and payments through RuPay PaySecure an e-Commerce solution of National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI). RuPay PaySecure not only provides a platform for e-transactions but also gives the customers a complete unique shopping experience. The RuPay Card can be used at all ATMs, merchant establishments in India for online transactions and payments.

Key Features of RuPay PaySecure

  • The solution offers enhanced security measures in addition to the RBI mandated 2-Factor authentication viz.registration, OTP,image based authentication and anti-phishing measures.
  • Highly secure with unique anti-phishing properties.
  • In case of any of these suspected activities, please check immediately with telecom service provider/ Bank.
  • User friendly and smooth adaptability.
  • Simplified architecture & transaction flow reduces transaction time resulting in faster transaction processing and reduction in drop-outs.

Target Audience

  • All RuPay Card Holders for online transactions viz. bill payments, online purchases etc.

RuPay PaySecure Usage

  • All the customers holding RuPay Cards can transact online with RuPay PaySecure.
  • Customer will have to select an image to register during registration. Subsequently, the customer will have to identify the correct registered image in order to get validated.
  • Customer will have to enter a phrase during registration. Subsequently, the customer will have to acknowledge the phrase and the last 3 transactions being made online in order to get validated.
  • Subsequently the image and phrase become validating factors. In case the customer forgets or exceeds the number of attempts they have to re-register to enter new phrase and select a new image.
  • In order to get authenticated, the cardholder needs to enter correct card details, OTP, challenge questions, internet ID and password or any other parameters defined by the issuer.
  • Customer is required to use a valid ATM PIN for authorization of the e-Commerce transactions. Customer will have to enter PIN on the bank themed PIN pad using mouse clicks only. The PIN pad will shuffle each time a digit is entered.
  • RuPay Cards are enabled for online purchases on major merchants. For details on this solution, kindly get in touch with your bank call centre teams.

For further enqueries, you may contact us by email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is PaySecure?

    Ans: PaySecure is a payment service that allows you to use your RuPay debit card with your ATM PIN to pay for online purchases.It uses a simplified yet secure architecture for customers to transact online with additional security measures where in the mode of validation is by selecting an image and passing a phrase.

  • Question: Do I have a separate password?

    Ans: No,there is no need of a password with RuPay PaySecure, instead ATM PIN is all a customer needs to have.The authentication requires other credentials like image selection and pass phrase over and above the ATM PIN.

  • Question: What happens if I enter an incorrect image/pin?

    Ans: There is an option to re-register that will help customer to register the card again and choose a new image.
    For PIN,the customer can cancel the transaction by clicking ‘Cancel’ displayed on the PINpad. The customer will be taken to the previous page and the customer can come to the PINpad again and type in the correct PIN.

  • Question: What if the phrase displayed is wrong?

    Ans: This page is an anti-phishing junction. The customer must terminate the transaction immediately and contact the bank customer care to notify this issue.

  • Question: What if the last 3 transactions displayed are wrong?

    Ans: This page is an anti-phishing junction. The customer must terminate the transaction immediately and contact the bank customer care to notify this issue.

  • Question: What if the card is lost?

    Ans: Please contact the Bank customer care  1800 532 7444, 1800 833 1004 &
    1800 123 6230 (Toll Free Number) to block card.

  • Question: What happens if I forget my PIN?

    Ans: Please visit nearest GSC bank’s ATM & Use Green PIN functionality to set new PIN

  • Question: What if my card is expired?

    Ans: Please call the customer care and request for a new card.

  • Question: What is CVD?

    Ans: It’s a three digit number printed in the back of the card

  • Question: How can I get my OTP?

    Ans: You will get it on your email address or mobile number that is registered with the bank

  • Question: How long is the OTP valid?

    Ans: It varies for all issuing banks

  • Question: What happens if the screen shows an error message after entering the OTP?

    Ans: Yes. Please get in touch with your issuing bank

  • Question: Will this OTP be valid while re-trying the transaction?

    Ans: No, the OTP is valid for only on transaction. It will therefore work only once and in this case the customer has to request for another OTP.

  • Question: What if I forget the image selected during registration?

    Ans: Yes. Click on the ‘Re-register’ Button shown on the screen

  • Question: Why is phrase required?

    Ans: This unique feature plays a pivotal role in providing additional security to validate the customer. This phrase along with the last three transaction history being displayed
    provides a platform for anti-phishing thus providing additional security features.

  • Question: How can I change the phrase in case I’ve forgotten?

    Ans: The customer can re-register to enter a new phrase for future authentication. The customer will then see this phrase on the authentication pad and will have to acknowledge the same to complete the transaction.

  • Question: What happens if I enter the wrong pin in the PIN pad?

    Ans: You can click on ‘cancel’ and start a new transaction if the ‘submit’ button is not clicked. In case the customer has entered the wrong PIN and has submitted the same the transaction will be unsuccessful and the customer will be notified about the same.

  • Question: Can I delete the wrong digit entered in the pin pad? Or Do I have to carry out new transaction?

    Ans: Yes. In case of wrong entry you can click on the ‘clear’ button and re-enter the PIN

  • Questione: What to do if my card gets blocked on exceeding the number of attempts to select the registered image?

    Ans: For the first time, the card will get blocked for 24 hours and then automatically will start working thereafter on the next business date.
    If it happens again, then the card will be blocked permanently. In this case you need to re-register.
    The customer can re-register anytime.