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    Internal Machinery to Handle Customer Complaints / Grievances

    Branch (Level 1)
    As customers normally deal with the branches, it is likely that the complaints are lodged at the branch office. The Branch Manager will thus be responsible for attending to complaints /grievances in respect of customer service at the branch level. He will be responsible for ensuring the satisfactory closure of all complaints received at the branches.

    • Acknowledge all formal complaints (including complaints lodged through electronic means) and work to resolve it within a reasonable period, not exceeding 60 days (including the time for escalation and examination of the complaint by the highest-ranking internal official responsible for grievance redressal). The 60 days period will be reckoned after all the necessary information sought from the customer is received;

    The Branch Head will try to resolve the complaints within specified time frames. As per the Policy, the complaints received at the Branch level should be resolved within 15 working days. Communication of the Bank’s stand on any issue to the customer is a vital requirement, as therefore if complaints received require some time for examination of issues involved this will be conveyed to the customer.

    Customer Grievance Cell (Level 2)
    The Asst. General Manager (Banking) who will act as a Nodal officer will oversee the Customer Grievance Cell at the Head office. The name and contact details of the Nodal Officer will be displayed on branch notice boards.

    Grievance Redressal Committee (Level 3)
    Complainant, if still unsatisfied with the redressal , can refer the complaint to the Grievance redressal committee at the Head Office. Grievance Redressal Committee comprising of CEO, General Manager ( Accounts & Banking, Finance , Establishment ) , General Manager ( IT & Inspection ), Asst. General Manager Concerned and Asst. General Manager( Banking ) i.e. Nodal Officer. The Committee will be responsible for the implementation of customer service and complaint handling for the entire Bank.