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The Gujarat State Co-operative Bank LTD.

Agriculture Loan

  • Farmers get STSAO for crop production loan up to Rs.3 lakhs @ 7% and Central Govt. provide 2% interest subvention to DCCBs & 3% to farmers for prompt repayment. In addition to this State Govt. also provide 2% interest subvention to DCCBs and 4% to farmers which results in loan @ 0% p.a. to the farmers.
  • In recent years State Govt. provided additional interest benefit in view of natural calamity.

Crop Insurance(PMFBY)

  • Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana is Central & State Govt. Sponsored Scheme.
  • The aim of scheme is to provide financial support to the farmers suffering from damage / loss due to natural calamity / unforeseen events.
  • PMFBY coverage is compulsory for loanee farmers.
  • Technological advancement used in scheme for
  • To selection & rationalize Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs).
  • To remove area discrepancies in coverage.
  • To estimate the yield.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM – KISAN)

  • It is the scheme of Govt. Of India.
  • Main Purpose of the scheme is to augment the income of small & marginal farmers.
  • It helps SMFs in procuring agricultural inputs and ensure proper crop health and yield.
  • The SMFs landholder farmer family owning up to 2 Hectare cultivable land record are eligible in the scheme.
  • It provide Rs.6000 per year per family in 3 equal installments.
  • GOI has allocated Rs.20,000/- Crore for 2018-19 and Rs.75,000/- Crore for year 2019-20 as budgetary provision

Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure Scheme ( AMI )

  • State Govt. has formulated a scheme for construction of Godown byPACS with a grant of 73% of financial outlay.
  • State Govt. provide Rs.7477.94 Lakhs grant for 966 PACS Godown in 2014-15, grant to the extent of Rs.5000 Lakhs for 531 Godown in 2015-16 & 216 Godowns in 2017-18.
  • Under Gramin Bhandaran Yojana of Cental Govt. 5846 Godwns with 8.67 Lakh MT capacity have been constructed and 5581.30 Lakhs subsidy has been disbursed.

One Time Settlement Scheme

  • The Co-Operative credit structure is financing in rural areas particularly to the small and marginal farmers, tenant farmers, agricultural labourers and rural artisans.
  • Due to natural & certain calamities these borrowers are not able to repay the loan and their indebtedness is so increased as they can not repay without some relaxation in R.O.I. Hence State Govt. has approved the One Time Settlement (OTS) Scheme upto 23/08/2020 which allows them to repay their loan at reduced R.O.I. and free themselves from indebtedness and become eligible for fresh borrowings.
  • 6483 borrowers have been benefited and banks could recover Rs.195.28 Crore under the scheme.

Financial assistance for removal of Imbalances of PACS

  • In view of low recovery and subsequent debt relief measures by the Central Govt. some PACS have to forgo the interest on their loans but have to pay interest to the banks hence imbalance.
  • In order to remove this imbalance and make PACS eligible for fresh borrowing, State Govt. provide financial assistance under this scheme.

Financial Support

  • 1% Interest subvention on loans given by NABARD to PACS under PACS to MSC programme
  • Interest rebate on borrowing by DCCBs from State Co-Operative Banks.
  • 50% Financial assistance upto 1 crore for removal of imbalance of PACS.
  • Financial support of Rs.20 Lakhs to every DCCBs for mobile van with facilities of ATM,Smart TV, Sound System, LED Light, Solar panel etc.
  • Financial support of Rs. 7500 per street play to DCCB’s for conducting 200 street plays per year in KHEDUT SHIBIRs
  • Financial support of Rs. 50,000 per SHIBIR to DCCB’s for conducting KRISHI SHIBIRS