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Message From Chairman

Dear Friends,

The cooperative sector has been playing distinct and significant role in the process of socio-economic development of the country. Therefore, cooperatives have been accepted as the best agency for agricultural credit with their organizational potential to reach millions of farmers and thereby establish the grass-root contacts. Cooperatives are a major economic force in developed countries and a powerful business model in developing ones.

A three tier system of rural credit consisting of Apex Bank at State-level, Central Cooperative Banks (CCBs) at the district-level and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACSs) at village level is in vogue to meet the short-term and medium-term credit requirements of agriculture and rural economy.
The GSCB is not only an Apex Bank for the State of Gujarat, but a premier Co-operative Bank and has initiated many fold steps for strengthening Cooperative Credit Structure & Cooperative Banking Sector in the State. The Bank serves as a balancing centre for the cooperatives in the State.

In the present era of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation, all industries are struggling to overcome challenges posed by the entry of multi-national corporations in our country. In order to meet the challenges, the Cooperative Banks have to find ways and means for improving the quality of the products and the services rendered. GSC Bank is guiding the Dist. Central Coop. Banks / Primary Agricultural Coop. Banks in their functioning and it is playing a major role in the coop. movement of Gujarat.

As far as the state of Gujarat is concerned, Bank serves as a balancing centre for the surplus resources of co-operatives in the State and thereby ensures their multifaceted development and progress .It also provides normal banking services to its customers by introducing and adopting latest technology like RTGS, CSGL, NEFT etc. Besides, granting of loans, the Bank serves as an outlet for investment of the surplus funds of the co-operative societies in the State. The Bank thus began acting as the balancing centre of the Co-operative Movement in the State, safeguarding its interests. Further, the bank along with other DCCBs have planned implementation of Core Banking Solution (CBS) for which Service Level Agreement has been executed with TCS. The CBS Project is expected to become operational by December, 2012.

In Gujarat, all DCCBs are providing crop loan at the rate of 7% to the farmers in the state. This became possible with the help of Honorable Chief Minister and Honorable Minister for Agriculture and Cooperation . We are thankful to them for extending positive cooperation in the interest of the farmers in the state. The Bank has succeeded in its efforts to provide financial aid to DCCBs as part of Vaidyanathan Package. With remaining 4 banks getting licence last year , now all 18 District Banks of the state are licensed Cooperative Banks.

The Bank organized “Khedut Shibirs” in each and every Taluka/Block of the Gujarat State, where the Bank Provided know-how on Modern Agriculture Techniques, Business Development Plan of the PACS, and awareness of various development Schemes of the Government etc. For this purpose Agricultural Scientists and other experts are invited for delivering talks on the specific subject and also to have one to one interaction with farmers to resolve their queries.

The Bank organizes Training Seminars for employees of all DCCBs to enable and motivate them in uplifting their attitude towards work, organisation and life in the highly competitive and challenging times. Different type of Education Seminars are also arranged for directors of DCCBS/ Urban Banks with a view to provide Information about changes in RBI / GOI policies.

Our vision is to bring all DCCBs & Urban Cooperative Banks under one umbrella, serve the common people by opening branches, prepare and introduce common Set of documents, make uniform accounting practices and procedure, educate the personnel of the cooperative sector with the help of the experts in Banking.

As,the UNO has declared 2012 – 13 an International Year Of Cooperation , let us take an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that cooperatives make to their communities.

Shri. Ajaybhai H. Patel